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Who Framed AJB? - 1

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October 14, 2019 - Who Framed AJB? SBHTML

An iPhone SBHTML (Springboard) Widget (Using Widget Weather & the JBJ Dark buuf tribute iWidget WW-McFly as a base).

Displays the current weather and a 3-day Forecast.

User has 2 Weather Icon Set Choices and 4 Font choices.

An Auntie Janet Burrzoo mod with some coding help from @MartyMcFly and @wrussell.
WedaFace weather icons created by Auntie Janet Burrzoo.

Credit also to mattahan (aka Paul Davey) for original BUUF artwork as well as the Buuf Community (past and present), and the Widget Weather/UniAW Teams.

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1) When using as a SpringBoard Widget put in the SBHTML folder. Path:
var/mobile/Library/ SBHTML


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