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High Skool StatusBar - 4.0

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September 29th 2019:

Original Sbhtml widget dubsEssenza34, icons from Mattahan's Buuf theme.

I recommend installing free RealCC tweak for BT icon to switch smoothly from CC (on newer devices since Apple made the Off switch to work for 24h only, RealCC toggles BT and Wifi indefinitely).

You might also want to remove the stock status bar, use for that MiscSettings from idevicehacked repo.

Gracefully modded by wrussell1989 and completely butchered by Tito12 to turn it into a statusbar widget :)

Feel free to modify but please in no way charge for it. Instead, share with the community!

Oktober 4th 2019:

Small icon mod by the BuufJuicer….


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