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Celebrate Friday The 13th - 2.5

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October 15, 2019 - Celebrate Friday The 13th iWidget

This widget celebrates the day that mattahan gave us full permission to use his artwork ALONG WITH the ability to collect donations from users to support the necessary costs that help to pay for the servers we use (which provide users continued access to the BuufJuiced Theme).

An iPhone iWidget (Springboard) that Displays the Current Weather, Time, City, Day/Date and Tap to View a a 5-day Forecast.

User has 3 Weather Icon Set Choices and 6 Font choices.

Note: You will need XenInfo and widgetWeather in order to get the weather working

An Auntie Janet Burrzoo mod with some coding help from @MartyMcFly and @wrussell.
WedaFace weather icons created by Auntie Janet Burrzoo.

Credit also to mattahan (aka Paul Davey) for original BUUF artwork as well as the Buuf Community (past and present), and the Widget Weather/UniAW Teams.

[email protected]

1) Widget goes into the iWidgets folder.
var/mobile/Library/ iWidgets


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