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BuufJuiced Base UI Part 2 - 42.6

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3.80/5 (104 votes).

This holds a massive ammount of UI themed


All new ControlCenter UI and other iOS13 stuff:

- iOS13 News Purchased Store png

- New iOS13 app News launcher

- New iOS13 UI For You Tab

- New iOS13 Photos app launchers

- New FaceID png

- New Sound and Silent Icon for setup

- New TouchID mask

- New Explicit content banner

- New Face ID warning

- New Steve Jobs Silhouette png

- New Bomb passcode failure

- Totally redid the Replaycapture record for CC (can't theme it though because it sis animated)

- New ShareSheet stuff for iOS13

- All the iOS13 new share quick actions in Springboard when you press the icon (needs to be opened in all the new theme engines)

- Two custom made MoveToiOS banners insdide welcomeKIT

- New UI for WhatsApp and also an animted gif when you first launch the app (setup)


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