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24 Hours with heroic daddykool - 2.4

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This iWidget has wallpapers inside that switches automatically every hour (24 hours cycle).

The iWidget needs XenHTML tweak to run. 

To achieve the setup like in my screenshot I used Boxy4 to arrange the icons that way. 

The rest is basically my 4 AIO packs


March 20, 2011:

Artwork by Mattahan

Timed Walls widget: Doreen

Feb 2020:

Original widget : Doreen

Resurfaced: Scarch

Widget HTML fix: wrussel1989

Heroes wallpapers: daddykool

Packed and uploaded: BuufJuiced


After some bug reports wrussel1989 seems to find the issue where certain devices had issues with the auto-size walls...

Thx mate


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