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OfflineBuufJuiced Base Icons (SnowBoard) - 2019-05-26

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SnowBoard is a lightweight successor to the legendary WinterBoard theming engine by Saurik. It is developed by the eminent tweak developer Spark Dev and designed by Dennis Bednarz.

Apart from being WinterBoard’s successor, it’s also an excellent alternative to Anemone by Coolstar. Here’s a quick rundown of its features –


Unlike Anemone, SnowBoard doesn’t have a standalone app. To access its settings and preferences, you need to open the stock Settings app.

By default, the Enabled toggle is switched on. If, however, it’s switched off, you must enable it to apply themes to your device.

Tap Select Theme… to apply a new jailbreak theme to your stock setup. This section will also display the existing theme packages that are installed on your Apple device.

Drag a theme by long-pressing it and add it to the Enabled section to apply it. Alternatively, you can simply tap a theme to apply it.

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Added new icons that were requested by my Discord users. All folks that purchased the repo can request in my Discord


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