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BuufJuiced - New Stuff - 2019-06-13

4.00/5 (34 votes).

My Discord members or new donatiors who gained acced to my Discord are the ones to try this pack first. In the future it will drop in the repo for free but not for a while though. In this first release this is newly themed.

- 31 New Icons that were requested by our VIP members

- MapKIt UI png

- New and fixed Mail UI

- New Mail settings UI

- Phone Call Button UI

- New and Fixes for Photos UI

- New ScreenTime icon for all settings UI

- New ScreenTimeNotifications

- New ScreenTime UI widgets

- Telephone Phone Call button UI

- New icons in iThemer settings

- New icons in SnowBoard settings

- New UI Images for Mail


Added 7 more requested new icons to be used by Discord members first